Buying a Luxury Home in Albemarle County

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Buying a Luxury Albemarle County Home 3

When people think of Charlottesville luxury homes, they usually think of 18th century historic homes as this is the land that Jefferson once ruled. There is numerous Jefferson-designed and built homes around every curve. Yet, with more people ready to forego their city life for greener pastures and open spaces, there is a now a greater demand for Albemarle luxury country homes. So our local Charlottesville luxury home builders are extremely busy.

Work with a Charlottesville Luxury Real Estate Agent

The demand for a luxury home in our rolling, bucolic countryside is at an all-time high which means there is little inventory, and properties on the market move fast. A professional Charlottesville luxury realtor agent can get you ahead of the line and find you properties that are not yet on the market and negotiate a deal for you.  Sometimes referred to as ‘pocket-listings’.

The higher prices and unique features of luxury homes in the country make it trickier to compare and evaluate them compared to conventional houses. But, once you find that perfect luxury home to match your lifestyle, requirements, and budget, be ready to move on it quickly. Most luxury Charlottesville home buyers are using cash which was unheard of 10 years ago.  And that is tough to compete with in a bidding war where most mortgage brokers and banks are over-worked and exhausted with loans taking over 60 days to close.

Many of the newer Albemarle luxury homes offer a modern living space for all ages with luxurious facilities and outstanding open views of the Blue Ridge Mountains (which are only a-mile-wide vs the Allegheny Mountains which are 120 miles wide). So, if you are looking for a luxury Albemarle County home away from the busy metropolitan life of New York City and Washington D.C. with a large backyard for your kids or pets here are some tips to help you find the right one:

My Favorite Albemarle County Locations to Live

In an urban area, a good location of a luxury property will mean an expensive street, proximity to local attractions, and more. For a luxury Albemarle home, you need to look for a quiet neighborhood, good community, quality roads, close distance from downtown, and the chances of real estate appreciation (which is key…just ask all the sellers who are commanding high prices in the crazy market. Another important criterion for luxury homes in the countryside would be a few hours travel time to the city or an existing airport so that it is easy for you to travel for personal or business purposes. Therefore, my picks are Crozet (love Old Trail), Earlysville (try and steer away from the airport), Free Union, Ivy, and Keswick (look in Glenmore and Keswick Estates). These areas will always offer you the best return on your investment…if you buy it right. This is where I can help as my aim is to find you a home you love and purchase it at the right price. I have saved Albemarle County homes buyers thousands of dollars on every sale and have been licensed since 1996.

Plan Ahead

Finally, no one goes looking at luxury homes if they cannot afford it. And although you might want to splurge, you should first get your financials in order and evaluate if you are ready for the big move. If you were not buying with cash, it would also be a good idea to get a mortgage pre-approval to know the price range of the country homes you will be able to purchase. I would use a local Charlottesville mortgage broker that knows the area. Thanks, for reading, Toby Beavers Realtor

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