Scottsville VA homes for sale are the most affordable in Albemarle County.

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Scottsville is an antebellum riverport town that seems a world apart from Charlottesville, yet it is only 35-45 mins due south.

Once the original county seat of Albemarle, it was a booming James River port town in the early 18th century.

Today it is a sleepy town whose fortunes are dictated by the current economy.

When times are good, stores and restaurants are open and happening. When the economy is slow, the pavement rolls up.

When Thomas Jefferson became Governor of Virginia, he moved the county seat to Charlottesville to be more centralized to the county’s citizens and an easy ride to oversee the building of his University (the University of Virginia).

Scottsville overlooks the mighty James and offers some of the most fertile soil in the state.

Thus large Charlottesville plantations sprung up and had easy access to the shipping in and out of Scottsville to Richmond and eventually into the Shenandoah Valley.

If you are looking for an exquisite James River plantation then Scottsville needs to be in your sites.

Once a year a real beauty comes on the CAAR MLS. But they average $3-10M.

What I like about living in Scottsville. I believe Scottsville is where you can find the most affordable homes for sale near Charlottesville.

Living along the James offers residents fishing, rafting, kayaking, and spectacular all-season views.

The town is historically beautiful and home to three of the most architecturally significant churches in Virginia.

When open, there are some superb restaurants.

Scottsville Elementary and Walton Middle schools are great but if you have kids nearing high school age just be sure you know this…your high school will be Monticello High School and that’s one long bus ride 5 days a week.

I guarantee you’ll be driving them!

I like that there’s a community pool, Food Lion, Ace Hardware, and a farm store.

Getting to Scottsville is a challenge especially if you must commute to and from Charlottesville.

Rt 20 is the main road from Charlottesville and is a winding, two-lane road.

And at night it is a B%#$@ to drive!

Heck, if the fake Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia can call Scottsville home you can too.

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So, pick your next Scottsville VA real estate wisely…A good realtor can help.

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