Real Estate Photography

Do realtors take their own pictures or hire a professional photographer?

Yes, they do for lower-end Charlottesville homes, condos, and townhomes. Also when a home is vacant and has no furniture.

Do Real Estate Companies Hire Photographers?

Yes, they do and local Charlottesville realtors usually are the ones who pay you. IWhen a Charlottesville realtor works for a large brokerage, the brokerage might hire a photographer to do all the photography for the realtors working for them.

Is it necessary to hire a professional real estate photographer?

Yes, it is if you are listing a Charlottesville luxury home with fabulous interior decorations, or a Charlottesville farm where a drone would make your images stand out and sell your property.

Does Real Estate Photography Pay Well?

The average USA salary for a real estate photographer is $43,000 a year. It ALL depends on where you are shooting. If you were in Southhampton, LI, you could gross over $200,000 a year easily. However, here in Charlottesville, you’ll be lucky to make $50,000. It’s all about who you know. Get in with the most successful Charlottesville realtors and they’ll use you all the time.

Can a real estate agent use old photos to sell a house?

Yes, since the pictures are the property of CAAR MLS and as long as you are an active, Charlottesville realtor in good standing then go ahead.

As a Charlotteville realtor since 2003, I offer free real estate photography assistance to every one of my customers. I don’t take pictures myself. I hire my wife, who was a professional New York photographer many moons ago. She’s not only a photographer but an interior decorator so we will produce some very fancy photographs of your home.

Can I Use Pictures From Zillow?

You may as long as you are a member of CAAR MLS.

Why do our real estate photos look so good?

We use a wide-angle lens to capture a larger field of vision than the human eye can see which will then make your rooms look far larger. It’s a trick but it works well.

Do we use Photoshop on our houses?

Yes, indeed. We can make a tired, brown lawn look youthful and green with a click of our mouse. Stained walls or cracked sheet rock can be easily removed with Photoshop. It gets buyers looking at your Charlottesville home. 

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