Historic Homes

Historic Homes near Charlottesville VA?

Today there are 35 historic homes near Charlottesville in our CAAR MLS dating from 1700-1920. The high is $15,000,000 and the low is $65,000. The median is $490,000. In the last ten years from 2011-2021, there have been 550 historic homes near Charlottesville sold dating from 1700-1920, and priced anywhere from $300,000 to $25 million.

This is what makes Charlottesville so sought-after and wonderful. There are very few American cities that can boast such a large amount of 18th-century historic homes.

Many Charlottesville historic homes are mid to late 18th century and brick. There’s a strong architectural influence from Thomas Jefferson, his builders, and his apprentices. In fact, there must be over 20 homes designed by Jefferson in the City of Charlottesville and neighboring Albemarle County. And you know it’s a Jefferson design when you see it. It is always majestic and Palladian in style.

Looking for a historic home near Charlottesville Va?

This could put you in several neighboring counties: Albemarle, Augusta, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison, or Orange County. You would always be 45 mins from the City of Charlottesville. If I had my choice of where to look I’d pick the following counties in this order: Albemarle, Madison, and Orange

Historic homes in Albemarle Va?

Albemarle County is the county that surrounds the City of Charlottesville and is one of the most scenic areas of the United States. We have 15 historic homes for sale in Albemarle Va today. The highest price is $15M and the most affordable is $265,000. The median price is $985,000.

I live on a small historic farm in Ivy. It’s called The Shadows and was built in 1753 with an 1840s addition. We love it but it takes continuous upkeep, especially if you have more than 5 acres.