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Buying Albemarle County Land For Your Luxury Home

I’m often asked where the best place to buy Albemarle Virginia land and after almost 20 years selling Albemarle County land (primarily for a luxury home development), I can say look here:
1) Advance Mills
2) Crozet
3) Earlysville
4) Free Union
5) Greenwood
6) Ivy
7) Keswick

Those are the best locations (in my opinion) for beauty and return on investment. This Albemarle County land is spectacular, the public & private schools are super, the roads are wonderful, and food shopping (Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Foods of All Nations, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, and Kroger) is always nearby. Take a look here on Zillow.

There are some major differences between buying and building an Albemarle luxury home but it takes advance planning, research, and then deciding if it’s to your advantage as an investment to build or buy. Also be aware that the cost of building on raw land can cost substantially more up front than purchasing an existing Albemarle luxury home that’s 5-10 years old. So as an alternate plan, reconsider using existing custom home floor plans. You’ll end up saving more money in the long run and you’ll occupy it two times faster. But if money is not a worry (as it is for many of my customers) then purchase the most spectacular Albemarle County land money can buy! You’ll never lose.

Buying Albemarle County land to build a luxury home on is both fun and scary. Raw land has no improvements on it so you’ll need permits, a well (or two) with enough gallons per minute to fuel a large estate, a septic system, a luxury homes architect, a decorator, and an excellent Charlottesville luxury home builder. So weigh your options and move forward cautiously as building an Albemarle luxury home is messy, stressful, expensive, and can easily lead to divorce.

Here’s a list of local Charlottesville/Albemarle County builders (talk to me if you’re looking to purchase Albemarle County land. I will give you the names of the 3 best Charlottesville luxury home builders.

So let’s dive in…Think of each prospective parcel of land as a painters canvas. Building from scratch you’ll be able to pick and choose every amenity you’ve always dreamt about and decorate it exactly how you want. Start by taking several pictures of each parcel of land and frame them in a picture frame using your phone’s app or computer software such as Canvas. This will give you a great idea where to locate the home (as will a great architect). You’re looking for stunning views from every room in the house.

Other important things to consider is your privacy and safety. Buying Albemarle County land on a major county road is hazardous to both pets and kids. So don’t do it unless there’s a long driveway and the lights of cars at night don’t penetrate your home. And make sure there is plenty of space between your neighbors (your architect will let you know.

In my opinion, it might be smarter and a heck of a lot easier to buy an existing Charlottesville luxury home. There’s nothing finer than a fabulous Albemarle County luxury home with mature landscaping. So do your due diligence and don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss your plans.

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