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Toby is a Charlottesville luxury realtor and has been since 2003. He specializes in Charlottesville luxury homes, Charlottesville luxury townhomes. Charlottesville luxury condos, Charlottesville historic homes, and Charlottesville luxury townhouses. And stays local. He only knows the Charlottesville real estate market and has sold over 100 Charlottesville luxury homes.

Over 80% of Charlottesville’s real estate agents are part time and many Charlottesville real estate agents have to pay a franchise fee and split commissions with their broker this expense is passed on to you in higher commissions and junk fees. Some of these splits are as high as 75% to the broker and only 25% to the agent. If an agent cannot negotiate a good deal for themselves how are they going to negotiate top dollar for your home?

Wall Street Hedge Funds and Charlottesville Real Estate Franchises

In the past many Charlottesville real estate franchises were homebuyer friendly. Times have changed; now a majority of big franchises are owned by Wall Street hedge funds and are publicly traded. Remember the old franchises that dominated the markets? ERA, Century 21, Re Max, Better Homes & Gardens etc…Today it is all about Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and RedFin. Use their search…But don’t use their PAID Charlottesville luxury realtors. You’ll end up with a rookie.

Licensed in Palm Beach, FL, and Newport, RI from 2006-2018. His other sales include a luxury duplex co-op on Fifth Avenue in NYC, a famous Louisiana Plantation, and several ‘summer cottages (30-40 rooms)’ around Newport.

    toby beavers charlottesville realtor

    Toby Beavers was our amazing realtor! We initially used a real estate agent we found off of a Google Ad but the person was a rookie and lived in Culpeper. Thankfully a classmate of mine at UVA referred Toby to us. We wanted this home in the Club at Glenmore really badly but we were having a difficult time getting the seller to budge on his price. Toby came in with his best home inspector and did a 30 minute walk through. In those few minutes, they found that the garage pad had moved, the basement had previously flooded, and the plumbing was a disaster. So when Toby yelled, ‘run!’, we did…and thankfully so, as he saved us a small fortune and a lawsuit. He eventually found us a lovely warm & luxurious Charlottesville home overlooking Birdwood Golf Course and are THRILLED. Hire Toby!” WJG IV

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