charlottesville farms for sale

Charlottesville is famous for its exquisite farms. The terrain offers rolling, verdant hills and bucolic farmland with the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains always within view.

The majority of farms around Charlottesville are horse farms as the temperature and landscape are idyllic. Keswick hosts the nationally syndicated Keswick Horse Show. Two of the oldest fox hunts in America, the Farmington Hunt & Keswick Hunt, are just outside the City. The Foxfield Steeplechase is held twice a year. And polo is played both at the University of Virginia as an NCAA sport, and for fun at King Family Vineyard on Sundays in the Fall and Spring (all YOU have to do is drink their wines).

Speaking of wine, Charlottesville is home to over 18 scenic and tasty vineyards. This is what we do on Saturdays and Sundays when not at a UVA Football game.

Charlottesville Farms For Sale

From Jan 1, 2011 unit July 2023, there have been 277 Charlottesville farms for sale. All 277 farms have since sold. The highest was sold for $23M and the lowest was sold for $450,000. The median price was $986k. Today there are a total of 4 Charlottesville farms for sale in Albemarle County with a high price of $19M, a low of $1,250,000, and a median of $7M. So you can see buying a farm in Albemarle County is not cheap.

Small Farms For Sale Near Charlottesville Va?

We have small farms anywhere from 7-12 acres. In fact, over the past 10 years, there have been 61 small farms for sale near Charlottesville and they have all sold. The high was $1,600, the lowest was $65,000, and the median price was $325,000 which is very affordable. Today there are 4 small Charlottesville farms for sale. The highest is $990K, the lowest is $180K, and the median is $587K, however many of these farms are not in Albemarle County (which surrounds the City of Charlottesville).

My tip – The finest Charlottesville farms for sale are found in Earlysville, Free Union, Greenwood, and Keswick.