45% of the 22 Homes for Sale in Bellair Charlottesville VA (since 2019) were Luxury

Location, location, location is how one can describe Bellair Charlottesville real estate. Close to everything in Charlottesville and lways a great investment.

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I have listed any and all homes for sale in the link above since Bellair is a superb neighborhood both to live in and for real estate investors.

Bellair Charlottesville VA is a high-end subdivision located on the west side of town, similar to Farmington, Ednam Forest, and Inglecress.

There are 75 homes in Bellair Charlottesville VA.

Bellair HOA Fees are $400 annually and cover ‘the lake’, maintenance only.

The 3 earliest homes were built in 1937, then 8 in the 1940s, 58 in the 1950s, 3 in the 1960s, 2 in the 1970s, and then no more new homes until 2016 when Peak Builders built at 366 Deer Path.

So chances are good your next home will be from the 50s. And those were well-built homes.

Most of the older homes for sale in Bellair Charlottesville VA have been renovated over the decades.

Since Jan 2021, 9 homes have sold in Bellair.

The high was $2,500,000. The low was $550,000, and the median price is $1,090,000.

For great walks head to Foxhaven Farm and then hit the Heyward Community Forest.

Bellair is adjacent to several University of Virginia properties, including Birdwood golf course and the former Foxhaven Farm.

The 295-acre Foxhaven Farm borders the southern boundary and extends southward to Interstate 64.

I believe Bellair was once part of Foxhaven Farm.

The Rt 250 Bypass runs along the eastern edge of the neighborhood.

The Rt 250 Bypass was built in 1959 but before that, it was just the quiet Ivy Road.

Bellair today is full of young families with kids!

So if you have a cool million bucks then here’s a great place to look.

Other nearby neighborhoods to consider are Farmington and Ednam Forest.

homes for sale in bellair charlottesville va

Albemarle County Public Schools that serve the Bellair neighborhood are Murray Elementary, Henley Middle, and Western Albemarle High.

Albemarle County is in the process of installing a sewer system in Bellair.

Homeowners have the option to connect to the sewer system or remain on septic.

My thoughts – I give the Bellair neighborhood a 9 as the walks are peaceful and scenic.

I also like it because of its proximity to the Boar’s Head Resort and Farmington Country Club.

Though not a gated community, it still appears to be very safe.

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