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Finding the Perfect Charlottesville Luxury Home

As a Charlottesville luxury realtor for almost 20 years my aim is to find YOU a fabulous Charlottesville luxury home that has your specific interests in mind, is within your budget, and making it a reality. A Charlottesville luxury home should reflect who you are, but we also understand you might need some advice.
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Here are my favorite design details to consider when searching for a Charlottesville luxury home…

First on my list is a spectacular view in a fabulous location surrounded by distant, similar Charlottesville luxury homes. The location must be perfect and for this I would begin my search looking in Keswick, Earlysville and Free Union. As you can see those are my favorite areas of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. I will be reviewing the numerous small county towns in much more detail so you can see my thinking. I also want your home to be a super investment. So, we only look at houses in the best locations.

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Second on my list is a newer Charlottesville luxury home that stands out architecturally, loaded with attractive accents (just say NO to cookie-cutters), huge double-insulated, picture windows flooding the rooms with loads of natural light, and heated by solar panels. I want to hear squeals of delight from both male and females when they see the home for the first time.

I watch as my clients stare at the oversize garage with room for two cars, a sit mower and all the sporting equipment.

Once inside, we all realize this is a smart home. No keys needed here. We walk in as we hear the doors secure themselves and we look up to admire the 10-12-foot ceilings and an amazing open floor plan. We skip straight for the kitchen…It is going to be grand!

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Yes!!! A Five Star gourmet kitchen with stainless steel commercial-grade appliances, granite or quartz countertops, a large heavy-duty, architecturally-pleasing, island with seating for everyone, a pantry with plenty of shelves, wine cooler, beer refrigerator, bar sink, all with soft above-and -below cabinet lighting that leads in and out to a tiled, mudroom with cupboards to store boots, that leads outside to an expansive outdoor living area complete with a built-in grill, fire pit, and a large, colorful, custom pool with tiki bar and spa. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Moving on, we admire the library, dining room, half bath and head up the grand staircase….

How about two master bedrooms? One for her and for him? Yup, that’s where builders are going today…One very feminine spacious bedroom with a lovely dressing room, and another just as spacious for the lord of the manor. Perfect for all his military paintings, Filmore posters and pictures of his golfing buddies! Two large walk-in closets for both bedrooms to store all our dandy outfits and an upstairs laundry to clean them or maybe a laundry chute.

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Then throw in two spa bathrooms with heated floors, soaking tubs, walk-in showers, full-body jets, ‘hip’ floor tiles, and water pressure so perfect that you will never leave.

I always wanted my own office (I own a Charlottesville real estate company) and had to wait almost 18 years to get it (and my two kids out). Add not one but two spaces somewhere hidden away for both a husband & wife to take care of business.

We all love a fun man-cave/game room with home theater to relax, watch the big games, and drink beer! So, add that to the basement next to the wine cellar.

Then throw in a central vacuum system, wireless speakers, an easy-to-use security system and we are cooking! Wow, I am thinking this was easy!

But then you tell me your mother-in-law needs a place to live too. Thus, we begin our search anew for another Charlottesville luxury home that is just as wonderful. So off they go to Zillow or Realtor.com to search for their next Charlottesville luxury home. Maybe an historic Charlottesville home will work?

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Please do NOT use the following companies: These Charlottesville real estate agents have paid Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Upnest, Dave Ramsey, Effective Agents, and Fast Expert to be listed as the BEST Charlottesville luxury realtors.

map of Charlottesville luxury homes communities

Above is a map of a few of the Charlottesville luxury neighborhoods. I love Keswick, the Stony Point neighborhood, Ednam Forest, Colthurst, Flordon and Crozet to the west. There

Buying Charlottesville Luxury Homes

Buying a ‘luxury home’ is not merely about looking for an ‘expensive house.’ The price tag alone will not put any house into the ‘luxury home’ category. You want the crème de la crème of Charlottesville’s luxury homes in one of the country’s most exclusive neighborhoods.  Charlottesville luxury homes are known for their modern architecture, beautiful landscaping, lavish interiors, smart features, state-of-art appliances, world-class amenities, and surreal views from the property.

If you want to live in a luxury home that provides an ultra-modern lifestyle and is more than just a postal code address, you need to do purchase it with the utmost care. Here are some simple steps to make your dream of buying a luxury home a reality –

Educate Yourself on the Process

Luxury properties are unique. They are more about fulfilling specific needs rather than be restricted by price. Thus, most of these high-end properties are not listed on property sites, as the sellers are more protective of their privacy. So, you will have to expand your search to find the right one. Take advantage of Toby Beavers, a savvy Charlottesville luxury realtor, who deals in luxury homes and can show you high-end properties meant only for the elite buyers.

Conduct Detailed Evaluation

Several factors need to be considered when buying a home. The process is even more complicated for luxury homes as certain elements like distinctive features and recent renovations carry much more weight than lower-end homes. Schedule a property tour and expect to spend 2-3 hours to review the neighborhood, construction methods, architectural highlights, home security systems, and other comparable properties in the vicinity.

Master the Financial Process

The figures involved in our Charlottesville luxury homes are substantial. Some sellers will review your financial situation in-depth even before they allow viewings or enter into negotiations. Most buyers of luxury homes are in a comfortable position to pay it all in cash. Others might consider taking a loan while paying an upfront payment ranging between 35% to 50% of the final price. It is a good idea to work with a savvy Charlottesville luxury realtor, your financial advisor, a smart real estate lawyer, and a great accountant to help you get over the line and secure the luxury property you want without discrepancies, legal issues, and errors.

Make a Worthy Offer

Luxury properties are one of a kind and command a certain price. The pool of buyers in the 2021 Charlottesville luxury home market is much larger today than say in 2010, which gives you extraordinarily little room for negotiation. And most sellers of these homes are not motivated to sell unless they get the right price as comps do not lie. As your Charlottesville luxury realtor, I will research all the comparable properties that have sold recently before you decide to make an offer. Be sure to consider other additional costs like closing costs, transfer tax, attorney’s fee, title insurance, and other fees.

Albemarle Virginia luxury homes ‘in the country’ are viable to only a small percentage of buyers because of the high prices. If you are one of them, you need to take all precautions to ensure you pick the right property that ticks all your boxes of specific requirements. Finding a home that is an extension of you will take time and patience. Charlottesville luxury homes need to be thoroughly analyzed and checked if it is worth the huge investment.

You can’t beat living in Charlottesville. The moment the sun goes down and the beautiful silhouette of the Blue Ridge Mountains appears, with crickets chirping, and the sounds of the country in the background you DEFINITELY start feeling something is special living here.

About Toby Beavers Realtor

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Toby Beavers Realtor

Charlottesville luxury homes realtor since 1996. Explorer, Author, Producer, Entertainer, Chef, Master Gardener…


Toby Has Sold Over 100 Charlottesville Luxury Homes & Has ALL Five Star Reviews on Zillow

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Ellen O’Connell

Toby is a smart guy. He represented us on a fabulous home in Earlysville. He is generous and patient; and communicated with us daily and kept us informed about the updates on the process, and made everything seamless and stress-free

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Alex Rasmusin

We must have seen 17 homes in Dunlora and other neighborhoods. I ran my realtor, Toby Beavers, crazy! We settled on Dunlora and he was terrific & great fun. Highly recommended!!

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Amanda Tyler

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Toby. He is a skilled professional with unbeatable negotiating skills. I got his help to purchase a historic home in Keswick. It ended up being a profitable deal. I am extremely happy with my first investment


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