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Charlottesville realtor Toby Beavers specializes in farms, new homes, luxury homes, historic homes, condos, and townhomes.

Like every popular destination in the United States, the Charlottesville real estate market is hot; and extremely tough to rent or purchase a home if you live out of state.
A beautiful home comes in on an alert from one of the big three real estate sites and you suddenly realize that you now need a savvy Charlottesville luxury realtor who will drive over to the property, do a quick inspection, give you a call while walking through the home while making a video tour, and coming up with a plan on how to ‘hold’ this house until you get here.
If this sounds good…then count me in. I will faithfully work for you, email you homes faster than any other realtor, and try every tactic to hold the house and hopefully save you money.


2022 Charlottesville Real Estate Summer Market Update

It is still a seller’s market for condos, townhomes, and affordable homes up to $500,000. This means there will usually be anywhere from 2-5 offers on any listing within two days. So sharpen your pencils and get in there the first day! As for Charlottesville luxury homes priced from $800-$1.5M, it is still a hot market but you can expect the home to go under contract within 3-5 days (again depending on its location and condition). As for farms, there are probably 50 buyers waiting for a small Charlottesville farm to come on the market. So be ready to pull the trigger when something fabulous comes on the market.

Do NOT use Zillow or Realtor to track homes. Get with a fellow realtor or myself as members of our local MLS CAAR receive listings 24 hours before those other companies get our data, and by then offers have already been made.

Ways to Purchase a Home When Living in Another State.
When you spot a home you both love online then I’ll go look at it and walk you both through the house. Then if it sounds appealing we would write an offer contingent on you seeing it within a few days.
Another is to stay in an Extended Stay Hotel/Air B&B for a week or two until we find something.
And finally, renting a home. But that’s got its own problems…
There are very few rentals available today. And the landlord usually wants a 1-year lease.
Things to consider.

How I Differ From Other Top Charlottesville Realtors

I work 24/7 which means weekends and Holidays.

I cut my phone off at 10 pm so we can talk up until that time.

I will send you a BPO or a CMA on any property you desire.

I offer a .5% rebate on my commission on any home you purchase using me as your

Charlottesville realtor.

For example, on a $400,000 home, you’ll save $2,000.

And as a full-time real estate since 1996, you will feel confident that I know what I am doing.

I’ve learned almost every trick in the book to keep a deal on track.

I also know the best real estate attorney to call if a problem ever arises.

Now as I steer you through your buying experience I’ll make it enjoyable and fun! Yes, fun and enjoyable. After 18 years of endless driving, I know every nook and cranny of the Charlottesville real estate market. I know what’s going to be superb. I had to learn this as a house renovator for over 30 years. One wrong buy and you can lose big time. So, allow me to be your Charlottesville realtor and teach you what I have learned?

Sick of your offer getting beat out by cash offers? Some local lenders can help! Here's How: Step 1: You fill out our mortgage application just like you did before. BUT NOW they use a one-click option to verify asset and income information – no extra steps for the borrower! Step 2: Now that they have a full application and have verified income and assets, they will submit the clients file to our corporate underwriter for review as a TBD loan (To Be Determined) – there is no address but they can submit anyway! Step 3: Their underwriter issues a Conditional Commitment to Lend that you can present with your offer. Sellers don't have to be scared of financing options because you are already good to go!

As a savvy Charlottesville real estate agent since 2003, I believe there are four types of home buyers. Senior citizens; parents with young children; ones that enjoy living in a friendly community, and those that want peace and quiet and enjoy the country lifestyle.

Which type of buyer are you?

Well, if I was moving to Charlottesville with the plan of living in a community, I would choose the following communities: Ednam (the Boar’s Head Sports Club and Birdwood Golf Course), Farmington Country Club (designed by Thomas Jefferson), the Club at Glenmore (gated), Keswick Estate (Keswick Hall and Golf Club) (gated), and Old Trail (Old Trail Golf Club).

These five fabulous communities offer golf, tennis, swimming, and much more.

If affordable living is what you are looking for then consider homes in Forest Lakes and Western Ridge. Both offer wonderful walking trails, a pool, and tennis courts.

As a full-time realtor with 5 Star Zillow & Google Reviews allow me to steer you in the right direction. I love it when my clients make the right investment. Please also see my FAQ page


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Toby Beavers

Charlottesville realtor since 2003. Realtor since 1996 in Florida and Rhode Island. Explorer, Author, Broadway Producer, Entertainer, Chef, Master Gardener. And a very persevering Charlottesville realtor.


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